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  Biblical Principles of Counseling

Grace Bible Institute
Christian Counseling Training III
Title: Biblical Principles of Counseling (26 hours)

$275.00 / $250.00 (Advance registration req'd)

The course teaches the foundational principles of Biblical counseling that will assist any believer with a sincere desire to counsel according to God's Word. This course is designed to equip you to answer the tough counseling questions based upon the eternal principles found in the Word of God. This book helps you to understand problems from a Biblical, Christ-centered basis and to teach you how to apply Biblical principles for the resolution of those problems.

Sections Include:
   - Overview of the Counseling Process
     - Counseling Principles
     - The Model of Man
     - Restoration
     - Specific Counseling Helps



Section One - Overview


 Biblical Foundations



 The Holy Spirit

 The Bible


 Establishing Biblical Authority


Section Two - Principles

 Counseling Presuppositions

 The Bible is Sufficient

 Counseling is Systematic

 Right and Wrong

 Two Commandments Key

 Problems are a Violation

 All Areas of Life Addressed

 Sin Separates Us

 The Image of God

 Transformed into His Image

 Problems are the Result of Sin

 Man Does not Know His Heart

 Goal is Conversion and Sanctification

 Change is Through The Holy Spirit

 Other Help May not Violate Scripture


Section Three- The Model of Man

 Biblical Worldview

 Four Main Questions

 Model of Man

 Creation and fall - Man's Needs

 Fall of Man

 Understanding the Beginning

 Understanding Sin

 Spirit Controlled or Sin Controlled

 Symptoms vs. Root Causes


 Three Types of Emotions


 Rebuilding on Christ
 Wounds to the Spirit
 Spiritual Wounds
 Negative Reactions to Unmet Needs
 Counseling Spiritual Problems
 After the fall
 Lust of the Flesh
 Lust of the Eye
 Pride of Life
 What Pride Can Do
 Key to Victorious Living
 The Indictments 

Section Four - Restoration
You Must be Born Again

Section Five - Counseling Helps

 The First Counseling Session

 The Second Counseling Session

 Biblical Change

 Two Biblical Models

 How Change Occurs

 Understanding the Change Process


 Man's Worth

 True Strength

 Knowledge or relationship

 Agonizing Choices

 Resisting the world

 Gossip or Prayer

 Counseling Depression

 Counseling Sin

 Counseling Worry

 Interpersonal Relationships

 Counseling Anger

 Summary Chart

 Choosing Behavior

 S.E.L.F. - The Cause of Pride

 Godship or Sonship

 5 Step Counseling Model