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  Introduction to Christian Counseling

Grace Bible Institute
Christian Counseling Training I
Title: Introduction to Christian Counseling  (22 Hours)
$275.00 / $250.00 (Advance registration req'd)

This course is designed to give you foundational, specific instruction in the model and methodology of Biblical counseling from a Christian perspective. It will provide the solid foundation needed for applying the principles of Christian Counseling.  This course will benefit
all who wish to learn how to apply Biblical principles to the issues of life.

Sections include:

     · Principles of Christian Counseling
     · The Nature of Man
     · Understanding Emotions
     · Understanding Human Behavior
     · Effective Five Step Counseling Model
     · Specific Counseling Outlines


Section I - Christian Counseling 

 Defining Christian Counseling 
 Characteristics of Christian Counseling
 Goals of Christian Counseling
 Effective Counseling
 Biblical Support for Counseling
 Counseling Words -Old Testament
 Counseling Words-New Testament
 Types of Counseling
 What Kind of Counseling
 Normal or Abnormal
 God's Way or Man's Way

Section II - The Nature of Man

 Jehovah Titles
 Lord of All
 Biblical Model of the Fall of Man
 Man's Inherent Needs
 After the Fall
 One Another Needs
 Importance of Love
 Emotions From the Heart
 Heart , Spirit, and Mind
 What Kind of Heart
 What Kind of Mind
 Understanding Human Behavior
 Understanding Needs and Emotions
 Choosing Behavior
 Your Attitude Matters
 What is a Problem
 Three Components of a Problem
 Spiritual Laws
 Why There are Problems
 Defense Mechanisms
 Distorted Thinking
 Level of Wants
 Signs of Needing Recovery
 Understanding Sin

 Spirit Controlled or Sin Controlled
 Forgiveness of Sins

Section III - The Counseling Process

 Counseling Circle -Secular or Christian
 Self at Center - External Fulfillment
 Deception of External Fulfillment
 Understanding Your Problem & Solution
 Meeting Your Needs Biblically
 Symptoms or Causes
 Roots of Mental Illness
 Attitudes Towards Problems
 The Will is the Key
 Counseling Models Side by Side
 Pitfalls to Avoid
 Five Step Counseling Model
 Data Gathering
 First Session Questions
 Biblical Change
 Components of the Change Process

Section IV - Counseling Helps

 God's Perspective or Yours
 Anger in Depth
 Agonizing Choices
 Questions to Ask
 Counseling Depression
 Counseling Fear
 Counseling Sin (Indirect Approach)
 Counseling Worry
 Counseling Interpersonal Relationship
 Counseling Anger (Short approach)
 Session Starters
 10 Unchangeables
 Thinking Filter