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  Understanding Emotions Biblically

Grace Bible Institute
Christian Counseling Training IV

Title: Biblical EQ - A Course for Emotional Transformation (24 hours)
$275.00 / $250.00
(Advance registration req'd) 

This course will help answer your deepest questions about emotions in the Christian life - from a biblical and Christ-centered perspective. How can I bring my emotions under control? Did Jesus have emotions? Are my emotions important to God? Is it really possible to know true peace? How come some Christians have a glow about them? Why am I always afraid? Some people seem so masterful, how do they do that? Why did Jesus weep? Where do emotions come from? How can I express emotions wisely and well? What's the difference between my mind and my brain? Why is love important? How can the Holy Spirit help me to grow emotionally? Can I really be like Jesus?

Table of Contents

How To Understand And Use This Book

Section 1 - Jesus As Our Model Of How Our Emotions Work
Commencing the Journey
Common Questions about Emotions
Can Jesus Be Our Model For Biblical EQ?
The Holy Spirit and The Emotional Life of Jesus
The Emotional Life Of The Apostles, Prophets and Great Christian Leaders
The Emotional Life of Carnal Christians

Section 2 - The Inner self and Our Emotional World
Perception In and By The Spirit
The Thoughts and Intentions Of The Heart
The Learning Organization
Emotions And Our Physiology

Section 3 - Practical Techniques For Emotional Self-Mastery And Expression
The Masterful Mind
Getting A Handle On Our Emotions
Acting On And Reacting To Our Strong Emotions
Recognizing And Understanding Emotions In Others
The Appropriate Expression of Emotions
Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing