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  Counseling According to The Word

Grace Bible Institute
Christian Counseling Training II
Title: Counseling According to the Word  (22 hours)
$275.00 / $250.00
  (Advance registration req'd)

This course is designed to teach the Biblical perspective of Behavior. This course focuses on Understanding Needs, Understanding Emotions, and Understanding Behavior. Several specific topics are discussed in depth to provide a thorough understanding of why people behave as they  do, what motivates their choices, and the difference between a symptom and a root cause.

Sections Include:

     - What is Christian Counseling?
     - Problems, Needs, and Behaviors
     - The Counseling Process
     - Specific Issues


Table of Contents

Section One: What is Christian Counseling? 

 No Matter What 
 What Is Christian Counseling?
 Goals of Christian Counseling
 Support for Biblical Counseling
 Counseling Words  
 Types of Counseling

Section Two: Problems, Needs, and

 Sermon on the Mount 
 Meeting Your Needs Biblically
 Counseling Overview 
 What is a Problem 
 Three Components of a Problem
 Physical Problems 
 Emotional Problems 
 Importance of Love 
 One Another Needs 
 Spiritual Problems and Laws
 Why There are Problems
 Wrong Way.Unmet Needs
 Defense Mechanisms 
 Distorted Thinking 
 Understanding Behavior 
 Level of Wants 
 Behavior Based on Sin
 Spiritual Law Counseling Chart

Section Three: The Counseling Process 

 Signs of Needing Recovery 
 What Kind of Counseling
 Counseling or Psychotherapy
 Normal or Abnormal
 Emotions Lead to Behavior
 Choosing Behavior
 Five Step Counseling Model
 First Session Questions
 Questions Not to Ask

Section Four: Specific Issues



 Degrees of Anger

 Biblical Perspective of Anger

 Unrighteous Anger /  Righteous Anger

 Common Responses to Anger

 Counseling Strategy for Anger



 What is Anxiety

 What Causes Anxiety

 Biblical View of Anxiety

 Behavior Patterns to Reduce Anxiety



 Causes of Depression

 Chemical Imbalances

 Biblical Verses about Depression          

 Counseling Depression  Scriptures



 Biblical Perspective

 Lusts can be Controlled

 The Problem and the Answer



 Understanding Addictions

 Effects of Addiction

 Cycle of Addiction

 Breaking the Cycle

 Twelve Step Program



 Principles of Forgiveness

 Examining Attitude

 Biblical Examples  



 Biblical Principles

 Handling Offenses

 Result of Offenses

 Attitude about Offenses





 Symptoms & Problem